Livingston Lodge #32

Livingston Masonic Lodge #32

Livingston, Montana

History of Livingston Lodge

In 1884, the Grand Master of Masons in Montana reported that during the year he granted a dispensation for a new lodge in Livingston, MT on December 25, 1884.  The first Worshipful Master under the dispensation was Henry W. Bingham. 

The very first meeting of the lodge under dispensation was held according to Brother Charles A. Burg, in an upstairs room in the old Henry Frank Building on North Main Street.  Then the lodge bought equipment and located upstairs at 131 South Main Street.  While here the lodge room, work done, etc. was inspected by the Grand Junior Warden, James Hathaway, sometime before the meeting of Grand Lodge that year.

The following year, at Grand Lodge October 7, 1885, Grand Master Samuel Langhorne reported in part as follows: "From my best information, both Glendive and Livingston Lodges under dispensation have been doing well and I trust will receive their charters at this Grand Lodge."  The charters were duly granted that same day, and Livingston Lodge #32 was formed.  The charter membership was 35 men with 27 Master Masons, 2 Fellow Craft and 6 Entered Apprentices.

F.W. Wright

The first Worshipful Master elected to Livingston Lodge #32 after receiving the charter was Fred W. Wright.  The Hon. Frederick Wright was born in Buffalo, NY in 1844.  When President Abraham Lincoln made his first call for volunteers to put down the Rebellion, Mr. Wright, then only 17 years old was among the patriotic young men who responded to the call.  He enlisted in the NY infantry in May 1861.  After two years, he re-enlisted in the Calvary where he served as a non-commissioned officer and was a participant in many of the hard-fought battles in the Civil War. 

Following the war, Mr. Wright moved west, and after brief stops in the Dakota Territory and Minnesota, he ended up in Livingston, Montana in 1882.  He was engaged in the drug business and served as the postmaster, county treasurer, and was elected State Treasurer in 1892.