Livingston Lodge #32

Livingston Masonic Lodge #32

Livingston, Montana

Early Masters of Livingston Lodge

Following are some of the early Worshipful masters of Livingston Lodge #32.   

Henry Bingham

Worshipful Henry Bingham (1885 - Pre-charter)







F.W. Wright

Worshipful Fred W. Wright (1886,1888,1891)







Charles Rossiter

Worshipful Charles W. Rossiter (1887)







Isaac Baker

Worshipful Isaac W. Baker (1890)







William Thompson

Worshipful William E. Thompson (1892)







SM Nye

Worshipful SM Nye (1893)







Edward Day

Most Worshipful Edward C. Day (1894, 1895, 1897)







Hector McDonald

Worshipful Hector McDonald (1896)







John Martin

Worshipful John W. Martin (1898)







Millard Lashorn

Worshipful Millard H. Lashorn (1899)







Adolph Veit

Worshipful Adolph N. Veit (1900)